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  • "Love these products.  Great quality and great ideas for clearing space to work on your desk. I now use dual monitors and wow the extra productivity."
    David Gay, TX
  • "Bought the LiftTec monitor arms for my asssembly line workers to better their ergonomic posture by allowing them to move their monitor to eye height."
    Allison Daws, PA
  • "Purchased the quad monitor mounting system and what a great product to work with and install.  Everything went together just right."
    Devon Young, CA
  • "Used these products on top of my custom modular science laboratory modules and what a difference it makes.  All my peers love the new lab furniture and accessories"
    Elizabeth Jarvis, FL

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Home Office Case Study

Home Office Small Office Workstation Organization
Home Office Small Office Workstation Organization - Bringing The Office To Your Home In Style

Andy Chandler

Greenville, SC

Optimizing space allowing for a home office to serve multiple purposes.

“I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing more space on their desk, or who needs a more dynamic and ergonomic work station.” — Andy Chandler

The Challenge

Andy Chandler is a free lance website programmer and designer that does much of his work from home. Andy and his family use their workspace to do freelance, pay bills, homework, shop and his youngest son loves to watch Mickey Mouse via iTunes. Optimizing the available space was a must, especially because Andy works on his laptop to do all of his freelance work. They needed a monitor arm that was extremely flexible and could articulate and move as easy as a human arm.

The Solution

Andy came in contact with Novus through his work and decided that the LiftTec Arm II was exactly what he needed in his office to give him the dynamic edge. One moment sitting at his desk typing code, and the next relaxing on his couch watching cartoons with his children. The LiftTec arm was the perfect solution for him because of its 360 degree action radius and Gas-spring technology that allows for instantaneous repositioning and flexibility.

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Home Office Small Office Workstation Organization        Home Office Small Office Workstation Organization