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  • "Love these products.  Great quality and great ideas for clearing space to work on your desk. I now use dual monitors and wow the extra productivity."
    David Gay, TX
  • "Bought the LiftTec monitor arms for my asssembly line workers to better their ergonomic posture by allowing them to move their monitor to eye height."
    Allison Daws, PA
  • "Purchased the quad monitor mounting system and what a great product to work with and install.  Everything went together just right."
    Devon Young, CA
  • "Used these products on top of my custom modular science laboratory modules and what a difference it makes.  All my peers love the new lab furniture and accessories"
    Elizabeth Jarvis, FL

Cubicle Cramped? Desktop Cramped? Need More Surface Work Space?

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The Novus brand specializes in designing and manufacturing quality products that offer unprecedented flexibility and organization at the workstation.

Novus’s wide range of modular products allow for the optimization of space in all three dimensions, creating efficient and ergonomic work environments that improve concentrated productivity and workflow.

The Novus More Space System Brand offers a spectrum of products ranging from Slat wall organizers and articulating monitor arms to phone platforms and reagent shelves. For a comprehensive overview of all Novus Brand products download the Catalgue Pdf provided on the home page.

Discover Novus! The performance standard of Tomorrow!

Novus is committed to the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental protection. Novus ensures environmental friendly production of all their products based on the international eco-management system EN ISO 14001. Whether it is using recyclable plastics or implementing sound manufacturing procedures, Novus promotes a healthy environment in every aspect of their business.

The Novus Philosophy is simple- the future belongs to better products
High quality is achieved through immaculate design, functionality, sustainability, and innovation. Novus makes sure every product developed offers a functional design with ergonomic properties to improve convenience and flexibility. All Novus products are developed in house and manufactured to EN ISO 9001 providing exceptionally high quality and long life cycles. As a mark of our trust in the sustainability of our products, we give a five year guarantee to our customers.

Novus was founded in 1949 and began manufacturing ergonomic staplers and office products. Since its founding, The Erwin Mueller Group has grown to staff over 1,000 employees with production plants in Germany, The Czech Republic, France, England, and China.

Over the past 60 years the Novus Brand has been synonymous with technically advanced products developed through “German Engineering”.  Drawing on decades of experience, we provide high quality products geared to improving efficiency and productivity in the modern working environment.

Novus GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of the Erwin Mueller Group based out of Lingen, Germany. 

MoreSpace USA  is a division of IOPC 1890 S.Hwy 14 Greer, SC 29650 1.864.848.0062